Happy Valentine Day !


To celebrate Valentine Day, everyone received extra 50 shop points ! 
Also 24h double chances of looting Rare/Epic/Legendary Items !

14 Feb 2019
New Game Client !

We have updated WeAreTibia game client.
To download the newest client visit download section or click here.
New client features :
-High performance/smoothness
-Hotkeys settings are assigned to characters
-Extra left/right panels that can be used for extra backpacks/skills bar/vip list etc.
-NPC names in blue colour
-Experience progress bar
-Smooth Walking
-Smart Walking - for example combine left/down arrow to move diagonal
-Walking keys sensitivity
-Walking keys auto-repeat

The old clients will be still available to use for couple of days.

29 Jan 2019
Update - Double Event Weekend

Game Client - Download newest client here
-Fixed light issues
-Fixed visual bug of cloning equipment from previous characters
Map Update
-Custom map at north east part of Edron has been removed
-New spawns of Giant Spiders/Behemoths/Blood Spiders and 2 quests has been added
-Inquisitor Catacombs Quest is accessable directly from teleport near Zepar NPC
-New quest lvl 140+ has been added to Demon Fathers / Hellhounds hell at south east custom part of Thais
-Inquisitors Tower at PoH will be closed, and opened only during Grand Inquisitor Raid
-Neruks spawns are opened now
-New raid of Grand Inquisitor
Also during this weekend there will be: 
Double Event Weekend !
+50% chances to loot rare/epic/legendary items
-30% discount on whole shop
The Double Event Weekend will start at server save 02.01.2018 and will last untill server save at 04.01.2018

01 Feb 2019
Patch log

Quick patch :
*Outfit Bonuses will work properly
*Solar Dragon Wings skinning chances fixed
*Fibula Castle level limit removed
*Empty bottles after draining soul removed
*Using dark knife on body will change the body to "skinned" only in case of successful skinning.
*Monster points got now group of monsters
*Golden tokens will work properly per hour
*Last man standing event reward fixed

19 Jan 2019
Winter Update 2

Whats new?
1)Advanced Skinning System
Check details here
2)Soul Eating System
Check details here
-You can buy Soul Eater from Dark Traveler
-You can drain souls from over 100 monsters
-Weekly event of Soul Eaters Ranking - https://usa.wearetibia.com/?subtopic=soulranking
*1st place 50$
*2nd place 30$
*3rd place 20$
*4th place 100 points
*5th place 50 points
3)Rarity system
Check new WIKI PAGE
-Whole rarity system has been reworked, details about attributes can be found here
-Rare,Epic,Legendary items will keep their name even if they get upgrades.
4)Last Man Standing Event
Check new WIKI PAGE
5)New monsters added:
-Inquisitor Adept
-Inquisitor Apprentice
-Inquisitor Scholar
-Inquisitor Guard
-Witch Hunter
-Grand Inquisitor
6)5 New outfits
Check new WIKI PAGE
7)Map updates
-Another floor of with spawn Grim Reapers / Soul Hunters in Darashia
-Demons Spawn at edron reworked, added new floor with Demons / Demon Fathers
-New revamped Thais Black Castle (Event)
-Inqisition tower at POH east from blood spiders spawn
-Zepar catacombs updated
8)Other Changes
-Demon Father Body updated
-Warlock Father Body updated
-New Warlock outfit / Body updated
-Removed Demodras spawns from Heavenia
-Added Dragon Claw to Demodras
-Added Ferumbras Hat to Ferumbras loot
-Teemo Tools design updated / works now as Scythe, Machete, Rope, Shovel, Pick
-Fibula castle raids max level removed
-Spellbinder greatstaff got +1 mlvl
-Death Wand +1mlvl -> +2 mlvl
-Bloody Sword 51->53 atk
-Bloody Axe 53->54 atk
-Bloody Hammer - 52->54 atk
-Bloody Crossbow - 10->12 atk
-Speed decrease from MTB event removed
9)Website update
-Soul Ranking added to community tab
-Wiki items descriptions updated
-Wiki monsters updated
New Wiki Pages:
Monster Points System

Massive Team Battle
Diamond Island

Update will be implemented during tomorrow server save.

17 Jan 2019
Winter Update - Vol 2

16 Jan 2019