MTB Event Weekend

During the event, the MTB will start every 2 hours.
-Every member of winning team will receive 100% exp boost scroll. It will be sent automatically to inbox.

Event time:
From 8.08 12:00 CEST till server save at 10.08 12:00 CEST

Please note, that multi-client is not allowed during the event. Every attempt of abuse will result in ban/deletion of whole account.

Enjoy the battles !

07 Aug 2020
Game / Client Update

Client changes :
-Uploaded new client-launcher, which is including both clients ( Global + Nexus ) ```

Game changes:
-Bonuses from vocation boost gem won't reset anymore during reborns
-Fixed glass / wooden table
-Fixed Wild Animals game
-Added exception for several items ( mainly suits ) that will override your whole equipment while wearing in showoff slot.
-Disabled invisible spell at MTB events
-Added possibility to craft AoE Saint Wand at Wizard Blacksmith NPC
-Added 4 new spellbooks
*Spellbook of Destruction
*Orc Spellbook
*Forgotten King Spellbook
*Immortal Spellbook
New crafting fragments for following spellbooks are added to respective monsters
-Added fast travel option to NPC Viscount Hendereye at Curseham
-Revamped Fire Island
-Storm island bridge has been widened
-Curseham boat bridge has been widened
-Passage to Lord Urjuke near Nirdui has been widened

Pets changes
We are aware about the fact, that pets died easily, due to that reason:
Pets received possibility to use following abilities on new pet items :
-Max health %
-Increased magic percent ( which will generally increase all pet spells )
-Pets defence formula has been reworked, it will scale with pet level + gear
-From now on, after you will use special "unlock potential potion" you will be able to level up your pet above level 100.
Also the pets will get new health bonuses on level up :
Level 1-99 - 40 hp per level ( no changes )
Level 100-199 - 50 hp per level
Level 200+ - 60 hp per level
You can find the unlock potential potion under thais depot at NPC Daenerys Targaryen

The update will be applied on both worlds after upcoming server save.

Newest global launcher will be available tomorrow at download section on website. It will work properly after next server save. The Nexus world will get client patch automatically.

05 Aug 2020
Double Event Weekend

+50% Experience ! 
+50% Loot ! 
Event time:
From 25.07 12:00 CEST till server save at 27.07 12:00 CEST 

24 Jul 2020
Game / Client Update

Client update :
-Showoff system
*Following suggestion about making paperdoll outfits more unique, there is another slot menu at outfit window, where you can "wear" stuff you like to see on your character, and that won't affect the main gear you wear. Only visual.
Do you like style of demon set? There you go!
-Fixed paperdoll system glitches
-Updated "ignore equipment" button at NPCs, so they will ignore also pets equipment
-Fixed visual limits of HP/MP/MLEVEL/SKILLS which means you will be able to see now properly full amount of mana/magic level etc.
-Reworked tooltip - it will scale now the box size depending on amount of attributes
-Corrected wrong visual price of frag removers
-Removed unused Guild Scroll from store
-Added following items to the store:
*Unique Auraorb
*Saint scroll ( option to exchange saint item for godly reborn coin )
-Following monsters has been added to bestiary:
*Fire Hunter
*Fire Magician
*Fire Warmaster
*Fire Knight
*Fire Wizard
*Tentacle Archmage
*Tentacle Slayer
*Tentacle Archer
*Grand Hellhound
*Ancient Succubus
*Dark Slayer
*Saint Slayer
*Dark Archmage
*Dark Hunter

Game changes:
-The exp boosts timer will stop while character staying in PZ zone
-Fixed some tiles at Skeletons cemetery

Newest client is available at download section on website
To keep your client settings / map, make sure to copy whole config directory from old client to new client. Both of client's have to be closed during that process

19 Jun 2020
Lottery Event

Lottery will be rolling every 30 minutes instead of 10 hours, which means every 30 minutes, 1 random online player with atleast 100 level will receive one of :

-Mysterious Box
-Crystal Box
-Bloody Box
-Hermes Box
-Wizard Box
-Magical Box
-Crafting Box
Event time
From 23.05.2020 12:00 CEST till server save at 24.05 12:00 CEST

22 May 2020
Game Update

Are you ready to explore Tarnstead Island, Succubus Hell and Deadly Dungeon?

Keep in mind that this is only a glimpse of the update, and that there is much more to see and explore.. The update will be applied after upcoming server save. Happy Hunting !

18 May 2020
Game / Client Update

Client changes:
It's an unique feature, that will help you to track the monsters you have defeated, during your journey at WAT.
-Everyone will start with empty bestiary
After reaching and killing a monster, the monster is showing up at your bestiary
-The loot in bestiary will be updating automatically, following what you have looted from a monster
-The bestiary will be assigned to your account, which means no matter on which character you will play, you will be able to gradually develop it from different characters
*Fixed wrong information of reflect at reborn tree (1% reflect -> 0,5 % reflect)
*Reworked over 25 environment sprites

Game changes:
-100% exp boost scroll will work like the 30% one, which means the time won't count while you are offline
-Fixed Angel Amulet losing 2 charges after death
-Nuckelavee received new deadly mechanic
-Added PZ zone to the Reborn Area
-Paralyze runes are now stackable
Mirrored spawn:
Mirrored spawn is an copy of existing spawn. You need to reborn atleast once at level 600 or higher to get access there.
-You can find the doors to first mirrored spawn at north west exit of Nivalis Town.
Party system:

-2 players 60% / 3 players 80% / 4 players 100% exp bonus
-2 different vocations +10% / 3 different vocations +15% / 4 different vocations +25% loot boost

After change:
-2 different vocations 60% / 3 different vocations 100% / 4 different vocations 160% exp bonus
-2 different vocations +10% / 3 different vocations +15% / 4 different vocations +25% loot boost

Newest client is available at download section on website
To keep your client settings / map, make sure to copy whole config directory from old client to new client. Both of client's have to be closed during that process

04 May 2020
1 Year Anniversary

Global world started at April 14th 2019, this means that today is our one-year anniversary. Since you all are the main reason that we got this far, we are inviting you to celebrate this special occasion with us!

Picture/video contest :
We are hosting a photo contest where you are supposed to show us how you are going to celebrate Global world one-year anniversary. How you chose to celebrate is up to you, the picture/video can be taken in real life or in-game. The only thing required is that it somehow is related to WAT. Remember to be creative! The deadline for submitting is Monday, april 20th till 16:00 CET. Pictures/videos with the highest amount of +1 votes will be choosen at monday, april 20th 20:00 CET

Rules :
One screenshot/picture per player
Video - max 10 seconds mp4 format

How to participate?
Post your screenshot/video at new dicated channel #picture-contest at

Rewards :
1st place - 1500 premium points + unique WAT backpack with your name at description
2nd place - 1000 premium points
3rd place - 500 premium points

14 Apr 2020
PvP Arena

You can find the entrance north from Thais temple
Your character will be reseted to level 30 with basic gear, and after the arena ends you will get everything back.
-2 Arenas
-Runes/mfs in backpack
-Kill/Death counter - command !pvparena

10 Apr 2020
Experience Boost

+30% increased experience
Event time: From 5.04 12:00 CET till server save at 6.04 12:00 CET

05 Apr 2020
Ancient Pyramid Raid

-3 new raid monsters
-5 new raid bosses
*Xerxes II
*Tefnakht II
*Psammetichus IV
Required level to enter raid 300+
First raid will start at 10:00 AM CET and will repeat every 6 hours like the other raids.
Main boss will drop Crafting Box 
Crafting box contains one type of 27 most unique crafting fragments, with random amount 1-5 pieces.

31 Mar 2020
Connection issues

There are some connection issues on the side of hosting company. You may get kicked randomly, try to avoid dangerous hunting spots until they solve it.

30 Mar 2020
Game / Client Update

Client changes:
-Improved task system:
*Search box has been added
*Possibility to filter Started / Active and Finished tasks
-Health/buttons bars are moveable again
-Switched Buy/Cancel buttons while getting outfit colours
-Possibility to login at test server from global client ( simply switch server at login window )

Reborn/game changes:
-Reworked hellfire set sprites / new auras
-New decorative items at house items section in shop
-Demonic wings has been added to Wings Crafter NPC

All classess received extra attributes, available to upgrade from level 500 reborn :
-Dodge (dodge%)
-Dodge (dodge %)
-Cure (healing %)
-Blood Magic (magic %)
-Reflect (reflect %)
-Iron will (physical protection % )
-Blood Magic (magic %)
-Reflect (reflect %)
-Iron will (physical protection % )
-Cure (healing %)

Reborns on higher levels will unlock godly rank, which will grant more possibilities of attributes upgrades.
Level 600 - 5 extra upgrades per attribute
Level 700 - 9 extra upgrades per attribute
Level 800 - 11 extra upgrades per attribute
Level 900 - 13 extra upgrades per attribute

Reborn reward changes :
Level 200 reborn - no changes
Level 300 reborn - 1 common reborn coin
Level 400 reborn - 1 elite reborn coin
Level 500 reborn - 1 ancient reborn coin
You will be able to exchange reborn coins for wings dedicated for your vocation.
Level 600 reborn - Wizard cape
Level 700 reborn - Bloody cape
Level 800 reborn - Death cape
Level 900 reborn - Ancient fiery wings + unique reward

More details about reborn update are described at wiki:

Newest client is available at download section on website
To keep your client settings / map, make sure to copy whole config directory from old client to new client. Both of client's have to be closed during that process

23 Mar 2020
Lottery Event

Lottery event
Lottery will be rolling every 1 hour instead of 10 hours, which means every 1 hour, 1 random online player with atleast 100 level will receive one of :
-Mysterious Box
-Crystal Box
-Bloody Box
-Hermes Box
-Wizard Box
-Magical Box
Event time :
From 22.03 12:00 CET till server save at 23.03 12:00 CET

21 Mar 2020
Game Event

*Double chances of looting rare/epic/legendary items
*Lootrate of present boxes is increased by 300% at:
-Demons ( All kind )
-Skeletons ( High tier: warrior and above )
-Dragons ( All kind )
*3 Golden tokens per hour being online instead of 1 golden token
*Corona boss raid twice a day 22:30 CET / 10:30 CET
Event time:
From 14.03 12:00 CET till server save at 16.03 12:00 CET (However Corona may attack the world today)

14 Mar 2020
Game Update

Crypt and the Cemetery of the Fallens is waiting to be explored at Deathlords spot !

06 Mar 2020
Game / Client Update

Game changes :
-Prisoned Sinner / Soul Hunter won't be immune to holy anymore.
-Rare/Epic/Legendary effects will be repeated on the body untill you open and loot it, you won't miss your rare loot anymore !
-Added immortal monsters tasks
-Fixed issue from red skulled characters, which weren't dropping wings
Shop changes :
-Daily frag remover 30 points -> 90 points
-Weekly frag remover 60 points -> 180 points
-Monthly frag remoer 100 points -> 300points

Client changes :
-Added lock button to all type of windows
-Corrupted monsters name colour has been changed to violet
-Improved shop :
*character auctions wearing paperdoll equipment
*tooltip with item info at character auctions (including gems/upgrades)
*sub categories to filter out items at shop
-Outfit window including wings/weapons/shields
-Possibility to change wings/cape colour
-Added paperdoll outfits to the task window

Changes will be implemented at tomorrow(24.02) server save.
To keep your client settings / map, make sure to copy whole config directory from old client to new client. Both of client's have to be closed during that process

23 Feb 2020
Game / Client Update

Implemented new system about unjustfied/justfied kills.
The level protection will be still on 30% difference.
Everyone have up to 10 justfied protection kills of lower levels (lower level = 30%+ difference). Which means you are able to teleport instead of killing lower level 10 times, after that amount every kill where protection works, will be counted as unjustfied kill and you will receive frag. However the lower level player won't die, and will be teleported to temple.
The 10 justfied protection kills will reset each month to 0.

Game changes :
-Increased minimal melee damage value
(Before min value was equal to 0, right now min value is 20% of max damage value - if you are able to hit for example for 1.5k, the min value you will hit will be 300)
-Increased minimal distance damage value
(Before min value was level*0.2 right now min value is 20% of max damage value - if you are able to hit for example for 1.5k, the min value you will hit will be 300)
-Heavenly hammer, Bloody Hammer, Ancient Amethyst club, Mace of Cthsual, Reaper Mace, Orc Mace received AoE damage / boosted attack
-Magic boost has been removed from burst arrows, formula has been reworked
-Reaper Arrows received new AoE formula based on Distance Skill / Level / Weapon
-New spell to conjure Reaper Arrows for Grand/Ancient Paladins "Exevo Con Re"
-Orc set increased protections
-Added Unique Auraorb + Guild exp bonuses to command !expboost
-Fixed stacking issues
-Exp Boost scrolls are stackable now, weight has been decreased 25.00 oz -> 7.00 oz
-All kind of gems are sellable on market now

-Added following items to Npc Gheed :
*Imperious Set
*Pyromancer Set
*Hunter Set

Rewritten paperdoll system, from now on NPC's and Monsters are able to wear equipment !
-Monsters / Npcs received new outfits:
*Black Knight
*Grand Warlock
*Supreme Warlock

-Npcs :
*Ancient Blacksmith
*Cursed Blacksmith
*Demon Blacksmith
*Forgotten Blacksmith
*Immortal Blacksmith
*Diamond Digger
*Wings Crafter

Reborn system changes :
Reborns will not remove from now accesses to following places :
*Inquisitors zepar room
*Ice/Fire Crystal
*Baphomet final room
*Diamond Prison
*Storm Island (including access to another places located at Storm Island)
*Alchemists tower
*Devil Hills

Party system rework:
-2 vocations 20% / 3 vocations 40% / 4 vocations 60% ->
Removed different vocations requirements for exp boost, also increased the exp bonus.
-2 players 60% / 3 players 80% / 4 players 100% exp bonus
-2 different vocations +10% exp boost / 3 different vocations +15% exp boost / 4 different vocations +25% exp boost

Outfit customization system:
-Following the update of outfit window, we have implemented pigment system. Pigments will be required to unlock paperdoll customizations. Pigments are obtainable from monsters at all arround the WAT world.

Client changes:
-Fixed button for The Card game
-Added tooltips to crafting windows

-Reworked outfit window :
*You can see now names of outfits
*You can see now extra stats of outfits
*You can change colours of your items at paperdoll outfit

-Reworked paperdoll sprites:
*Bone Shield
*Dark Shield
*Guardian Shield
*Imperious Shield
*Mastermind Shield
*Phoenix Shield
*Reaper Shield
*Tempest Shield
*Tower Shield
*Vamplord Shield
*Vampire Shield
*Beginner Wand

-Implemented missing paperdoll sprites :
*Shield of the guardian
*Shield of Honour
*Bunny Slippers
*Simple dress
*White dress
*Ball Gown
*Royal Scale Robe
*Mystic Turban
*Fire Legs
*Demonwing Axe
*The Stomper
*Mystic Blade
*Vile Axe
*Dreaded Cleaver

To keep your client settings / map, make sure to copy whole config directory from old client to new client. Both of client's have to be closed during that process

14 Feb 2020
Rarity Weekend !

Double chances of looting:

rare/epic/legendary items
Event time: From 8.02 12:00 CET till server save at 10.02 12:00 CET

07 Feb 2020

New guild war system:
*As an guild leader, you can declare war to any other guild. There is new button Declare War at the guilds menu.
*You can declare war to more than 1 guild at the same time
*A guild which received invitation to war, must accept it, otherwise the war won't begin.
*After both guilds accept declaration, the war begins.
*A guild leader which is declaring war to another guild, can adjust the frag limits till the war ends
*After reaching frag limit by guild A or guild B, the war system between those 2 guilds is ending.
Priviligies of guilds with activated war status :
*Enemy guild members will have red emblem near their characters
*Friendly guild members will have green emblem near their characters
*You can kill members from enemy guild without penalty
*Level protection doesn't work between guilds in war

Map changes :
-Added new blacksmith NPC with craftable AoE wands at Heavenia
-Reworked spawns at Storm Island
-Added another spawn of Giant Skeletons at Nivalis
-Added another spawn of Black Templars at Jakundaf Desert
-Expanded Darashia Dragons cave with another Solar Dragons spawn
-Added new type of shortcut system at south east part of Nivalis
-Added new type of shortcut system at Storm Island
-Added rocks to following places :
*Shifzorite, Okrum rocks at Storm Island
*Kaenite, Shezyan rocks at Devil Hills

Game Changes :
Present Box System
All monsters in game received chances to drop Present Box.
Every Present Box will contain one of :
*Common,Rare Hermes Gem
*Common,Rare Bloody Gem
*Common,Rare Magical Gem
*5-10 Golden Tokens
*3-5 Silver Tokens
-Fixed issue with level protection
-Fixed description of ultimate mana fluids
-Angel amulet 1 charge -> 2 charges
-Removed corruption from :
*RR6 mini bossess
*Blood Cults
-Reworked inbox limit system. Even if your inbox is full (over 5000 items) you will be able to receive rewards like reborn wings or task rewards.
-Fixed fire legs
-Lowered Forneus, Halphas spawn time
-Implemented new bodies for :
*Blood Cult
-Added strong/great/ultimate manafluids to all magician NPCs in every city

25 Jan 2020

Map changes :
-Fixed stairs at devil hills
-Fixed some okrum rocks at grim reapers darashia
-Reworked POI reward room. Entrace will be possible only after finishing all thrones
-Fixed doors to Emperor Kruzak treasure room

Game changes :
-All kind of ores required for wings crafting are marketable now
-Fixed all kind of issues with party stone system, also included security patch which will check if there are any active parties in the spot.
-Fixed issue of losing hp/mana bonus from full set, while equipping/uneqipping rings/shields/weapons
-Magic power % attribute has been added to market
-Removed star levels from storm island monsters and above
-Fixed typo at reaper sword description
-Following sets received new aura effects :
*Imperious Set
*Hunter Set
-Increased loot rate of crafting materials at Devil Spawns, Bloody Cults, Hell Horses and Giant Skeletons
-Added extra dialogues to Farina NPC
-Fixed issue with LMS event
-Fixed name/stats for Serpent Amulet (Jormungandr drop)
-Implemented new loot rate for corrupted monsters. Creatures with base exp 30k+ will drop 8 pieces of wings materials
-Talking time at all crafting NPCs has been increased
-Reworked task system:
*Tasks will show now rewards/kills required at special window
*Rewards for finishing task will be sended automatically to inbox

Client changes :
-Implemented toggle helmet feature which will allow you to hide the helmet visually
-Magic power % attribute has been added to tooltip

13 Jan 2020
Merry Christmas !

Christmas event 24.12.2019 - 31.12.2019
1. 100% higher bonus at Paypal donations !
2. Lottery dolls will drop only epic - ultimate gems of all kind (except crystal box gems), also the lottery will run every 6 hours instead of 10.
3. Corrupted monsters will drop 50% more wings materials

Let your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and happiness ! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

WAT team

24 Dec 2019

Santa Claus got another presents for everyone ! Make sure to visit him and get your reward again !
Make sure to download latest client

-Added nologout zone in castle raids, and emergency exit levers for trapped players
-Increased Ancient Sorcerers / Druids capacity by 5 per level ( Cap will be adjusted automatically to existing characters with ancient vocation )
-Fixed poison arrows formula
-Increased loot chances of weapons from Argirith
-Ravamped base of all paperdoll outfits
-Reworked some of Storm Islands creatures / locations
-Removed corruption/level possibility from all bossess summoned via monster points
-Over 160 item materials, required to craft some sets has been implemented. When you loot any of these, you will get special notification, similiar to pet items loot.

Rarity system change :
-Wands received possibility to roll magic power % instead of magic damage !
Rare - 1-3% magic power
Epic - 4-8% magic power
Legendary - 9% - 13% magic power

New runes :
-Great Iceball Rune
Conjure requirements:
*Vocation - Ancient Druid
*Mana - 200
*Magic level - 45
*Charges - 4
*Damage type - Ice

-Great Energyball Rune
Conjure requirements:
*Vocation - Ancient Sorcerer
*Mana - 200
*Magic level - 45
*Charges - 4
*Damage type - Energy

Outfit Changes :
All of the classic outfits have been removed, however outfits with bonuses have been replaced with paperdoll outfits.
*Dark wizard -> Tier 0 Purple Devil Paperdoll
*Angel outfit -> Tier 0 Orc Paperdoll
*Demon Slayer -> Tier 0 Devil Paperdoll
*Diamond Knight -> Tier 1 Orc Paperdoll
*Archer ->Tier 1 Half Orc Paperdoll
*Royal Guard -> Tier 2 Half Orc Paperdoll
*Aristocrat -> Tier 1 Human Paperdoll
*Pyromancer -> Tier 2 Purple Devil Paperdoll
*Inquisitor -> Tier 2 Devil Paperdoll

Client changes :
-Increased item tooltip window
-Implemented new house items

Following changes will be applied with upcoming server save. New client will be required.

21 Dec 2019

Have you been good this year ? Santa Claus with huge bag full of presents visited the Thais Tavern !
New client is required, head to download section !

Whats New?
Added Wizard Boxes to the shop
You can obtain 4 type of gems:
*Common Magical Gem +1% magic damage
*Rare Magical Gem +2% magic damage
*Epic Magical Gem +3% magic damage
*Legendary Magical Gem +4% magic damage
Gems are useable only on wands, and the max upgrade tier is +9 like with mysterious boxes.

-LMS event will start 2x daily ( Mysterious / Crystal box reward )
16:00 CET , 00:00 CET
-Crafting boxes issue fixed
-Slightly increased loot chances for inquisitor apprentice / adept
-Fixed rope not working on ice hole
-Fixed not showing up characters on guilds with ancient vocations
-Fixed last stage of hellhound corpse
-Ancient Demonic Wings mag level +5 / magic value 65 -> 100
-Fixed issue of not receiving level rewards like golden tokens or reborn tree points while jumping levels ex. 49 - 51 lvl at reporting task.
-Updated Wings Crafter NPC
-Vocation boost gem for ancient vocations has been enabled
-Removed Golden Account requirement to join guilds
-Increased corrupted monsters spawn chance to 0,3%
-Pet revive stone price changed 5 -> 1 point

08 Dec 2019
Global Update

Whats New?

During the update, the world will be under maintenance between 12:00 CET : 16:00 CET. Also new client will be required after update.

Alchemists prisons, Storm Island, Devil Hills and expanded east part of Nivalis is waiting to be explored !

Keep in mind that this is only a glimpse of the update, and that there is much more to see and explore ! 

Party Stone System

With the new system, you will be able to create party stones near most of spawns.
After creating new party, it will be broadcasted to all players, so they will be able to join directly from new client button - party.
1. To create party you will need to spend a ticket which is 1 golden token
2. After creating party you will be teleported to waiting room
3. You can setup following paremeters for your own party :
-Min/Max level
-Waiting time ( how long the party will be visible for players for gathering )
-Maximum players
-You decide when you start up party, if you set for example max 10 players, but there will be already 6 players which have joined the party, you can start it up instantly when they determine that they are ready
4. After you gather all party members click start party to get teleported to the entrace of hunting spot
5. To join party simply click new party button, and search the party you fit and you would like to join, also please note you will be able to join party only from PZ zone.
After you click join party, you will be instantly teleported to the Leader of party in the waiting room.

Game changes / fixes 

1. Added oil requirement to use POI lever
2. Added vial of blood requirement to use on stone to enter POI area
3. Added holy tible requirement to enter POI area
4. Added walls at PoI entrace + vocation levers
5. Pyromancer earrings 1 mlvl -> 3 mlvl and +60 magic damage
6. Angel amulet new stats : 3% physical protection, +10 speed, 1 charge ( works like an amulet of loss )
7. Magic Damage gem upgrade chances has been increased to 100% always.
8. Fixed double lifesteal from burst arrows / wands
9. Removed corrupted system from all of bossess
10. Mana cost from frozen wand has been removed
11. Frozen Set has been added to sets system, wearing 4 pieces will grant you extra bonuses
12. Added 150 lvl doors at RR 6
13. Fixed issues and characters with losing premium scrolls after reborn ( postman / blessing access etc. )


1. Ultimate mana fluids has been implemented. Useable only by Ancient Sorcerers / Druids. Adding mana based on magic level with following formula :
Min = Magic level * 2
Max = magic level * 3,5

03 Dec 2019

Whats new?

-Monster Master NPC will always clean the boss area before spawning new boss, which means if someone died at the boss, and you gonna spawn another one, the old boss will be removed.
-Fixed issues with looting crafter boxes gems
-Disenchant gem has been released again and works fully properly, please note all items will have extra description if the item is disenchantable or not (some of old items upgraded long time ago may be not disenchantable.
-New death missile effect
-Fixed character auctions for reborned Ancient vocations

O que há de novo?

-Monster Master NPC sempre irá limpar a área de spawn do boss antes de invocar o próximo, o que significa que se alguém morrer para o boss que invocou, o proximo a entrar remove o boss antigo.
-Corrigidos problemas com looting crafter boxes gems
-Disenchant gem liberada novamente e funcionando apropriadamente, por favor notem que todos os items possuem uma descrição extra, se o item é desencantavel (disenchantable) ou não. (Alguns dos upgrades em items antigos podem não ser desencantados).
-Novo efeito ---> death missile
-Corrigido leilão de personagens Ancient Vocation.

10 Nov 2019
World Maintenace

The server will be under maintenance between 15:00 and 17:00 CEST.

07 Nov 2019
Game Update

Reborn Master NPC temple is located north from thais. 

Reborn points rewards :

Level 200 - 600 pts
Level 300 - 1200 pts
Level 400 - 2000 pts
Level 500 - 2500 pts

New reborn vocation - Ancient 

Differences between grand and ancient vocation: 

Grand Knight gain 15 hp /  25 cap per level 
Ancient Knight gain 20 hp / 30 cap per level 

Grand Sorcerer / Druid gain - 5 hp / 30 mp per level 
Ancient Sorcerer / Druid gain - 7 hp / 40 mp per level 

Grand Paladin gain - 10 hp / 15 mp per level 
Ancient Paladin gain - 13 hp / 22 mp per level 

Item rewards :
Level 200 - beginner wings 
Level 300 - demonic wings
Level 400 - elite demonic wings
Level 500 - ancient demonic wings

About Reborn : 
-You will gain permanent +10% exp boost 
-Your character will be reseted to level 8 
-You will keep all of your skills/magic levels
-You will keep all of your outfits
-You will get automatically new Ancient vocation if you are over level 300
-All of your quests and tasks will be reseted which means you can complete every task / quest again 

Crafter Boxes


-The cards game has been released :
1. Vocation boost gem has been limited up to 10 uses per character
2. Magic level boost potion has been limited up to 5 uses per character
3. Instant experience scroll (50% of exp) has been limited up to 10 uses per character
-Guilds issues have been fixed 
-Automatic disenchant gem has been added to the shop 
-Abraxas heart has been replaced with Grand Inquisitor Gem which is obtainable from Inq Prisons quest
-Carlin Black Knights spawn has been replaced with Mercenary
-Gheed bonus +10% to buy price has been removed
Loot formulas of following monsters have been corrected :
*Dragon Lords
*Death Lords
*Supreme Warlocks
*Witch Agatha
*Prisoned Sinner
*Bloody Mage
*Sleepy Hollow 
-New wings craft shop has been released under Cursed Blacksmith shop
All of the changes will be released after the upcoming server save. 

29 Oct 2019

Whats new?

Items changes :
Ancient amethyst blade
60 atk -> 61 atk
Ancient Amethyst axe
62 atk -> 64 atk, 30 def -> 37 def , lifesteal 20 -> 25%
Ancient Amethyst bow
14 atk -> 17 atk
Ancient Amethyst club
55 atk -> 60 atk
Ancient Amethyst helmet
Physical protection 5% -> 6%
Ancient Amethyst Armor
Max hp 10% -> Max hp 12%
Ancient Amethyst Legs
+60 healing power, +30 magic power
Ancient Amethyst Boots
+45 healing power, +20 magic power
Ancient Amethyst Shield
+7 shielding, +150 healing power
Sword Of Cthsual
62 atk -> 64 atk , 45 def -> 47 def, +10 shielding, max 20% hp -> max 25% hp
Axe Of Cthsual
64 atk -> 66 atk, 32 def -> 34 def
Bow Of Cthsual
16 atk -> 19 atk, 25% atk speed -> 27,5% atk speed, 15% lifesteal -> 20% lifesteal
Mace of Cthsual
60 atk -> 63 atk, 38 def -> 48 def, 9 club -> 10 club, +7 mlvl -> +12 mlvl, +30% max mana -> +40% max mana
Helmet of cthsual
9 arm -> 14 arm
Armor of cthsual
16 arm -> 21 arm
Frozen Bow
Atk speed 25% -> 20 %
Shield of Cthsual
+250 healing power
3 new item sets bonuses has been added:
-Ancient Amethyst set
-Cthsual set
-Reaper set
Items changes are already in game, item sets bonuses will be available after next server save.


26 Oct 2019

Whats new?
-Fixed teleport at Joridue boss room
-Fixed issues with houses
-Fixed aggressive pet being able to shoot certain spells from PZ
-Updated Grand Inquisitor loot
-Fixed death penalty
-Ancient Amethyst wand is useable only by mages/druids
-Rod of Cthsual is useable only by mages/druids

23 Oct 2019
World Maintenance

The server will be under maintenance between 12:00 and 12:30 CEST.

23 Oct 2019
Game Update

The server will be under maintenance tomorrow between 12:00 and 13:00 CEST. New client will be required after update.
Whats new?
-GMP's are usable only for elder / grand sorcerers and druids
-All classic outfits has been removed
Everyone will start with base white paperdoll, without any bonuses, those players who already had the paperdoll outfit with bonuses, will have devil paperdoll outfit with the same bonuses.
-Possibility to buy Pet / Player exp boost directly from client
-Sudden Mort Rune damage type has been changed from physical damage -> death damage
-Heal friend spell healing through walls has been disabled
-A couple of map bugs has been fixed
Item sets bonuses:
-Master set has been slightly buffed
-Black set has been added
-Elder set has been added
-Fixed all missing bodies of Lizards / Drakens
-Diamond Island Event became automated
-Pet armor/defense factor has been totally reworked
-New button to change pet mode: melee / distance
-Dark, Crystal and Fire Phoenix Pets has been added
-Disenchant scroll price lowered from 200 to 30 points
-Automatic disenchant scroll has been implemented, it will simply take out all gems which are inside the item.
(Please note it will work on weapons only upgraded after this update, weapons upgraded before won't be disenchantable automatically)
-4 new paperdoll outfits has been implemented
-Houses from unactive players will be released after 21 days
-Issues with skulls between players in guilds has been fixed
-Guilds managment has been added to the client
-Players in guild will gain +3% more experience
-Draconic Curse of Dark Pet has been fixed
-Ancient Amethyst items has been fixed
-Grand Inquisitor loot has been revamped
-Water Aberration loot has been revamped
-Cursed templar loot has been revamped
-Rorina/Farina/Serina NPC's story talking has been rewritten
-Hints for finishing Rorina 6 has been added
-Levers at Inquisitor Prisons has been fixed
-Abraxas heart part of quest has been added to all players which have finished Rorina 6 so you can continue Nivalis storyline quest
-The fire crystal issue has been fixed
-Inquisitor spellbook received +65 magic damage and +3% hp bonus
-Bridge at Nivalis Frost Oggres has been fixed

21 Oct 2019
Game Update

New features :
1.Item Sets 
Certain sets in game, will grant extra bonuses beside base stats while wearing each pieces, untill you gain full set and whole bonus. 
New command has been implemented, which will show attributes of all available item sets !sets

2. Monster Levels
Grinding the same monsters won't be boring anymore ! 
Since now monsters got 25% chances to spawn with certain levels 1-100 with following extra stats : 
Stats of monster levels:
2% hp/level
1% speed/level
2% damage/level
2% exp/level
1% bonus loot/level
Clean Dragon
1000 HP / 700 EXP
Dragon with level 10 
1200 HP / +10% SPEED / +20% DAMAGE / 840 EXP / +10% LOOT

Client update:
1. Wild Animals Game 
First ever builded in client game, where you can bet and win 15x amount of your bet ! 
Check details at Games button inside client. 
2. History of bought items has been added to store
3. History of sold items has been added to market
4. Item slots at character auctions has been added

Following changes will be implemented with tomorrow server save on both worlds.

15 Sep 2019
Rarity Event

+50% chances of looting rare/epic/legendary items
Event time:
From 13.09 12:00 CEST till server save at 16.09 12:00 CEST

13 Sep 2019

1. Mysterious Boxes attack gems upgrade chance has been highered up by 50% 
2. Exori Con / Exori Hur spells has been reworked
3. Summons with tasks/monster points are working properly 
4. Exiva will work properly now with longer names
5. Cap of golden accounts has been decreased from 25.00 oz to 3.00 oz 
6. Pet taking exp while being in Party shared experience at full level 30/60/100 fixed
7. Conjuring runes exhaust time 2 sec -> 1 sec
8. Sudden Mort Rune required mana 800 -> 1200 
9. Digging hole/scarab coins at desert with pool of blood/poison is fixed
10. Conjuring Death Bolts does not require blank rune anymore
11. Minor map fixes all over
12. PVP low levels 
Killing non skulled player which is lower level by 50% of killer will result in teleport to temple of the lower level character instead of dieying, also killer won't get unjustfied kill. 
13. Issue with doors at dungeon lvl 110 and PoI reward room has been fixed
14. Issue with pet after evolving has been fixed
15. Suicide via firebomb won't add you frag
16. Issue with MTB event not ending after killing all players has been fixed
17. Level 100 hell dungeon bridges has been fixed
18. Aiming with runes has been fixed
19. Monster kill count for Monster Points fixed
20. Weekly/Monthly frag scroll remover has been added, details are available at shop

04 Sep 2019

-Issue with doors at Rorina 3 has been fixed
-Issue with locking doors with random keys fixed
-Stackable items are marketable again
-Typo while killing Dragons Monster Points fixed
-Wild Growth spell has been fixed
-Pets taking exp even at level 100 while being in party - fixed
-NPC Okhar at Diamond Island is fixed, if you bought access you can enter to the teleport
-Switched mana and health in auction chars - fixed
-Runes not showing spell name to conjure - fixed
-Bought and conjured ammo will go directly to Paladin Bag from now
-Mystic flames teleports at Tombs - fixed
-Automatic kick after 15 minutes if you exit during attacking training monk
-Healing spells/runes at MTB event - fixed
-Issue with custom keys from Darashia Ancient Traveler - fixed
-Sometimes even after giving food to pet the timer didn't reset and pet was hungry again after 10 seconds - fixed
-Some monsters during Castle Raids was able to spawn outside the castle - fixed
-Frozen helmet - fixed
Following places has been reworked, long respawn time issue won't happen again
*Demona Witch Agathas
*Demona Warlocks
*Diamond Prisons Diamond Monsters
*PoI all seals
-Death Penalty is reduced from 2% to 1% of total experience while having grand promotion / all blessings / golden account
-Exhausted between shooting ammo and shooting runes in the same time has been lowered

02 Aug 2019

-Tasks while being in party are counting now correctly for everyone who hit the monster
-Attack attribute while rerolling items is working properly
-Disconnecting while server saves has been fixed
-Most of outfit items are available to sell in market now
-Nightmare blade visual bug with def is fixed
-All issues with doors has been fixed
-Dark Wizard Outfit dolls has been removed from Mysterious Boxes
-Angel Outfit doll has been removed from Crystal Box
NPC Zoroaster updated :
-Male Dark Wizard Outfit doll is exchangeable for Mysterious Box
-Angel Outfit Doll is exchangeable for Crystal Box
NPC Cursed Blacksmith updated:
-Female Dark Wizard Outfit doll is exchangeable for Mysterious Box

27 Jul 2019

Migration has been done successfully. 
Download newest client HERE

25 Jul 2019
Game Update

We are glad to announce that the world will get upgrade to new engine and client.
The server will be under maintenance tomorrow between 12:00 and 13:00 CEST. New client will be required.
Whats new?
-Custom Market System
-Reworked defense - shielding formula
-Tooltip feature back in the client
-Reworked behaviour and improved monsters AI
-Quest Log
-Server Log channel
-Improved walking system
-Speed attribute has been added to skills
-Trade window at NPC's with possibility to buy/sell items
-Server will save only once per 24h at 12:00 CEST like it was before
-Depot chests limit for players with Golden Account has been increased from 2.000 to 3.000 items.
-Limit in containers has been increased from 5.000 to 20.000 items
-NPC Doppler is showing now all all outfits in crafting window
-New frag system :
*Kills daily: 3 to red skull, 6 to ban
*Kills weekly: 10 to red skull, 15 to ban
*Kills monthly: 30 to red skull, 40 to ban
*Daily kills reset every day, weekly every monday, monthly at the first day of the month

24 Jul 2019

Due to unexpected issue the world is under maintenance. Estimated fix time 19:00 CEST

21 Jul 2019
Rarity Event

During the event everyone will have +50% chances to loot :
*Rare items
*Epic items
*Legendary items
The event will start after saturday SS 22:00 CEST and will last untill monday SS at 22.00 CEST

20 Jul 2019

Due to unexpected issues, world will be restored to previous state from before update, untill we fix reported issues which will take arround 2-3 days.
Sorry for the inconvenience, 3 extra days of golden account has been added to everyone.
You can use old client from a state before update.
If you don't have it anymore you can download it here :

17 Jul 2019
Changelog #20

Whats New?

Web changes :
-Wiki Monsters section has been updated
-BTC Payments bonuses has been added
-TC Payments bonuses has been added
Game changes:
-Most of classic spawns respawn rate has been lowered from 150 -> 60 seconds
-All kind of enchanting gems are now stackable
-Emergency exit teleports has been added to Carlin / Fibula Castle Raids
-Dark traveler NPC items are showing up now in crafting window
-LMS Event map has been revamped, hiding in corners won't be possible
Monster points system update :
-Solar and White Dragons will count also for Demodras instead of only Dragon Lords
-Red / Blue / Green / Yellow auraorbs visual effects has been updated
-New aura effect for wearing godly set
-New aura effect for wearing hunter set
-New aura effect for wearing inquisitor set
-Red Auraorb +1 skills -> +3 skills
-Blue Auraorb +1% physical protection -> +2% protection all
Revamped loot of following monsters :
-Inquisitor Adept, Apprentice, Scholar, Guard
-Witch Hunter
-Solar Dragon
Monster changes :
-Solar dragon 5000 exp -> 5500 exp
-Novice Frost Ogre 35k exp -> 40k exp
-Frost Ogre Warrior 40k exp -> 44k exp
-Frost Ogre Mage 45k exp -> 47k exp
Gem Crafting System:
-Alchemy Master NPC Zoroaster is located south from Thais Lighthouse.

All of the changes wiill be applied after SS at 22:00 CEST. 

04 Jul 2019
Changelog #19

Whats new?
-Couple of minor mapbugs fixed.
-Oasis tomb Rahemos level doors are fixed
-Bright sword quest map issues fixed
-Pet Golden set is added to Rorina 5 ( you can repeat the quest to obtain the set )
-Pet Cursed set is added to Rorina 6 ( you can repeat the quest to obtain the set )
-2 Mailboxes has been added at Nivalis hunting spawns
-1 Mailbox has been added at Carlin Black Knight spawn
-Angel ring 20 speed -> 4 magic levels, infinite mana shield
-Hunter Auraorb protections fixed
-Green auraorb - healing power +5% -> Healing Power +50 static
-Ice auraorb - healing power +20% -> Healing Power +300 static
-Poison dragon - healing power +10% -> Healing power +100 static
-Godly earrings changed to Healing Power +200 static
-Frozen Wand 25 mana points cost -> 15 mana points cost
-Frozen Axe 60 atk -> 58 atk, +6 axe 
-Frozen Blade 58 atk -> 55 atk +5 shielding / sword 
-Frozen Club 58 atk -> 55 atk +5 mag leve / +20% mp
*Location of golden key 2807 has been changed

21 Jun 2019
Global Save Hours !

In couple next days there will be 2 global saves daily instead of one.
First SS without changes at 12:00 CEST,
Second SS at 22:00 CEST
Also we have implemented limit in every container up to 5000 items per container(backpack, chest, box, bag etc.).

18 Jun 2019
Changelog #18

Whats new?

-Retargeting interval for most of monsters has been reworked.
Most of monsters won't change the target that often anymore.
-Ammunition prices changes:
*Iron bolt - 350 gp -> 250 gp
*Diamond Arrow 100 gp -> 60 gp
*Frozen Arrow 175 gp -> 110 gp
*Demonic Arrow 250 gp -> 170 gp
-Demonic / Toxic dragons damage is nerfed by arround 40%

14 Jun 2019
Changelog #17

Rebalancing of Nivalis:
Monsters - overall damage is nerfed by arround 40%, also the experience of certain monsters is increased.
*Frost Serpent 22k exp -> 28k exp
*Grown Frost Serpent 24k exp -> 34k exp
*Frost Hound 27k exp -> 35k exp
*Rabid Frost Hound 30k exp -> 38k exp
*Snow Wasp 35k hp -> 27k hp, 31k exp -> 36k exp
-Traveling to Diamond Island is possible now from Thais / Carlin / Venore boats.
-Players who finished Ice Crystal quest can travel directly to Nivalis from Thais boat.
-NPC Enroub.N at Nivalis boat will sail also to Thais

12 Jun 2019
Nivalis Update ! 14:30 CEST

Map changes :
1) Nivalis has been added, rumours say the boat from Diamond Island has been repaired.
2) Snake-tomb in Ankrahmun completly revamped.
3) A ton of minor mapbugs fixed.

Client changes : 
1)Loot channel available even at solo hunting
2)Pet window is customizable
3)You can ignore yourself
4)Messages limit history at all channels has been increased from 100 to 1000
5)4 New Paperdoll outfits are added

Pets changes : 
1)Pets support spells won't cause cooldown for attack spells ( Divine Diversion, Divine Heal ) 
2)Flash Freeze Ice Dragon spell has been reworked
3)Pets damage at PVP is reduced by 70%

Gameplay changes/fixes : 
1)Special notification with effect + colour at every dead monster which dropped pet items
2)LMS / MTB events issue with removing redskull is fixed
3)In some cases, when someone bought character you was bidding, point's didnt went back to your account - fixed.
4)Stacking magic power attribute while wearing Dark Dragon for example at hands / arrow slots - fixed.
5)Monster points - added group of monsters, for example Inquisitors - all kind of Inquisitors will count for Inquisitors monster points
6)Coal Basins are not moveable by monsters anymore
7)Pet evolution stone is added to Daenerys Targaryen NPC

08 Jun 2019
Game Of Egg Event #2

The weekly Diamond Island event this time will be special and unique ! 
Event time - 22:00 CEST 
During today Diamond Island Event, everyone who will survive to the end, except the main reward of silver tokens, will obtain also Dragon Egg and Aura Orb ! 
More info about Diamond Island Event can be found here

Required level 50+ 
MC is not allowed during the event, if anyone will be catched up mcing it will result in main account banishment.


02 Jun 2019
Changelog #14

Whats new?
- Pets won't be able to cast any area spells while main character staying at PZ zone
- Double frag issue after klling players using pet is fixed
- Rorina Part 3 quest room with lever reworked

30 May 2019
Changelog #13

- Revamped Old Hero, Blue Knights etc spawn in Jakundaf desert.
- Revamped Rorina Castle & Minotaur spawn below.
- Most of bossess loot slightly increased, exp decreased Wiki Bosses
- Bloody bow issue fixed

28 May 2019
Changelog #12

Whats new?
-Lightning storm pet spell fixed area
-Dark Dragon passive skill updated with 80 magic damage
-Rarity system / rerolling crystals page updated with all possibilities of rare/epic/legendary items at WIKI

26 May 2019
Game Update

                                                New client is required - visit download section
Map changes:

* Adjustments to Diamond Island(more to come)
* Completely revamped Lizards/Draken spawn in Venore( new quest included ).
* Revamped wolf/orc cave south of Thais.
* Bugged houses in Fibula fixed.
* Completely revamped Wyrm Spawn in Edron
* New Beholder spawn in Thais
* Other minor mapchanges all over.
* Rorina 4 doors possibility to walk back

Game Changes/Fixes :
-Fixed visual issue gems adding atk to shields
-Red Skull remover useable only in PZ
-90 New paperdoll items, Pyromancer legs fixed
-Dark Knife updated, new effect will show up, and mark skinned/nonskinned monsters
-Trashing houses protection
-Monster Points system reworked - CHECK WIKI
-Shiny wand will be useable only by mages/druids
-Add Team Hunts channel
-Paypal bill removed from shop and exchanged with WAT Coins
-Red Robe, Demonbone are sellable to NPC Gheed
-Bug with 2 crossbows shooting spears at arrow slot fixed
-Hunter armor 10% mana bonus fixed
-Diamond castle entrace will be automatically closed after killing main boss
-Pet Holy Charge spell damage increased
-Pet Draconic Curse spell damage increased, time lowered

New Features :
-Added reroll crystals which will reroll stats at your rare/epic/legendary items:
*Rare reroll crystal
*Epic reroll crystal
*Legendary reroll crystal
*Reroll crystals are buyable at Cursed Blacksmith ( Thais ) 
-WAT Coins in package of 5 coins per 50 points. ( 1 coin = 10 points = 10 points )
-New monsters are added to Monster Point System

-Hermes Boxes has been added in game CHECK WIKI


25 May 2019
Game Update

Today between 15:00 and 15:15 CEST the world will be under maintenance during the update. 
New client will be required, which will be released at the time. 

25 May 2019
World Maintenance

Estimated world maintenance end 22:00 CEST 

19 May 2019
Changelog #11

First of all - some of players are getting hacked. How to avoid getting hacked?
Make sure to don't use the same password like you have used before on ANY other server
Change your password now, to make sure you are safe.

Client update - download newest 12/05/2019 HERE
-Over 30 missing items has been added, every wearable item in game will work properly
-Over 50 items has been reworked, missing animations has been added to items(Shiny armor, Diamond Armor, Ice legs ,Pyromancer Boots, Angel Bow, Heavenly Crossow, Frost Bow, Fire Crossbow, Diamond Spear)

12 May 2019
Changelog #10

Whats New?
-Last hit on monster using Pet will show loot message
-Last hit on boss using Pet will spawn teleport properly ( raids )
-Pets are unable to cast target spells through walls
-Lightning Storm Pet spell area damage fixed
-Dark Wizard outfit gained +30 hp / +30 mp / +1 mlvl bonus
-Archer outfit gained +2 distance skill bonus

All of these changes will be implemented during upcoming server save.

09 May 2019
World Maintenance

Estimated world maintenance 20:00 - 21:30 CEST

08 May 2019
Changelog #9

Whats New?
-Debug of character at Training Area has been fixed
-Magic / Healing attributes has been fixed( they will add static damage/healing )
-God Of Thunder Pet spell has been fixed
-Selling house command works properly now
-Crystal Box gems gained 100% chance while upgrading item to first tier:
*It will be impossible to remove base attributes from item in case of failing first chance of enchantement
-Support pets will not stop walking anymore, when you attack target
-Pet Armors / Helmets has been added to buying list of Gheed NPC
-Massive Team Battle event fix:
*All players will be assigned to teams in blue / red colour outfits, including Paperdoll outfit.
-Attack Speed attribute description update:
*Before: AS 1800 ( which was 10% attack speed )
*Now: Attack Speed +10% which is way more clear
*Lifesteal will work now properly on all monsters
*Glitch at entrace of Rorina Part 3 doors at surface of Fibula fixed

All of these changes will be implemented during upcoming server save.

07 May 2019
Changelog #8

Whats new?
*Following outfits bonuses has been nerfed/boosted
-Papeerdoll, Archer, Aristocrat, Inquisitor, Royal Guard, Pyromancer, Demon Slayer
More details at WIKI:
*Rarity system has been reworked:
-Issue with items dropped as rare/epic without additional stats is fixed.
*Armors / Legs / Helmets / Boots / gained chance to get extra attributes instead of only extra armor/def, such as:
-Magic Power, Healing Power, Magic Levels
*Npc Hermes has been added to all temples
*Training rooms revamped / client debug issue is fixed
*Tile Depot at Heavenia fixed ( show properly amount of items )
*Ancient Traveler NPC ( Golden Tokens Exchanger ) has been updated, special window with his offer has been added.


05 May 2019