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News: New Game Client !
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GOD Ragnar
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New Game Client !

We have updated WeAreTibia game client.
To download the newest client visit download section or click here.
New client features :
-High performance/smoothness
-Hotkeys settings are assigned to characters
-Extra left/right panels that can be used for extra backpacks/skills bar/vip list etc.
-NPC names in blue colour
-Experience progress bar
-Smooth Walking
-Smart Walking - for example combine left/down arrow to move diagonal
-Walking keys sensitivity
-Walking keys auto-repeat

The old clients will be still available to use for couple of days.

29.01.19 06:45:34
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Cyka Pidar

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GMF's doesnt seem work with the client, the mana only gets wasted on the ground

29.01.19 11:58:47
Edited by Cyka Pidar
on 29.01.19 12:07:11
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No mana bar?

A little upset that there is no mana bar under hp bar. Also the GMF's work for me unless you updated it recently to get it to work. Also no auto trader kinda sucks.

Also marking the map doesnt work it keeps the prompt with the icons open and you cannot close it....

Edit: Also utevo vis lux doesnt work


29.01.19 22:39:46
Edited by Ehyo
on 29.01.19 22:53:45
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Inhabitant of WeAreTibia
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Gieb me mana bar!

As stated above, when trying mark the minimap you get stuck in that window and have to relogg for it to disappear that's the only real bugg i've found so far.

I'd like the mana bar to be implemented into the new client, also i have a suggestion that you should be able to see party members mana(as an option), would be nice for blockers to see mages mana and as mages to see paladins/knights so you could throw a gmp or two on them when needed.

And why not have auto trade msg in the new client? 

GMP works in the new client now atleast for me.

Other than that really nice work! I love the option to put windows on the left side of the client.. Just saw that if you minimize the client it doesn't close windows!! <3

06.02.19 13:26:13
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on 06.02.19 13:27:50
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