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News: Update - Double Event Weekend
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Update - Double Event Weekend

Game Client - Download newest client here
-Fixed light issues
-Fixed visual bug of cloning equipment from previous characters
Map Update
-Custom map at north east part of Edron has been removed
-New spawns of Giant Spiders/Behemoths/Blood Spiders and 2 quests has been added
-Inquisitor Catacombs Quest is accessable directly from teleport near Zepar NPC
-New quest lvl 140+ has been added to Demon Fathers / Hellhounds hell at south east custom part of Thais
-Inquisitors Tower at PoH will be closed, and opened only during Grand Inquisitor Raid
-Neruks spawns are opened now
-New raid of Grand Inquisitor
Also during this weekend there will be: 
Double Event Weekend !
+50% chances to loot rare/epic/legendary items
-30% discount on whole shop
The Double Event Weekend will start at server save 02.01.2018 and will last untill server save at 04.01.2018

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