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News: Nivalis Update ! 14:30 CEST
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Nivalis Update ! 14:30 CEST

Map changes :
1) Nivalis has been added, rumours say the boat from Diamond Island has been repaired.
2) Snake-tomb in Ankrahmun completly revamped.
3) A ton of minor mapbugs fixed.

Client changes : 
1)Loot channel available even at solo hunting
2)Pet window is customizable
3)You can ignore yourself
4)Messages limit history at all channels has been increased from 100 to 1000
5)4 New Paperdoll outfits are added

Pets changes : 
1)Pets support spells won't cause cooldown for attack spells ( Divine Diversion, Divine Heal ) 
2)Flash Freeze Ice Dragon spell has been reworked
3)Pets damage at PVP is reduced by 70%

Gameplay changes/fixes : 
1)Special notification with effect + colour at every dead monster which dropped pet items
2)LMS / MTB events issue with removing redskull is fixed
3)In some cases, when someone bought character you was bidding, point's didnt went back to your account - fixed.
4)Stacking magic power attribute while wearing Dark Dragon for example at hands / arrow slots - fixed.
5)Monster points - added group of monsters, for example Inquisitors - all kind of Inquisitors will count for Inquisitors monster points
6)Coal Basins are not moveable by monsters anymore
7)Pet evolution stone is added to Daenerys Targaryen NPC

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1)Special notification with effect + colour at every dead monster which dropped pet items

I mean, this is a nice idea, but it also would be good to apply with legendary items...

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10.06.19 18:33:57
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