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News: Changelog #17
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Changelog #17

Rebalancing of Nivalis:
Monsters - overall damage is nerfed by arround 40%, also the experience of certain monsters is increased.
*Frost Serpent 22k exp -> 28k exp
*Grown Frost Serpent 24k exp -> 34k exp
*Frost Hound 27k exp -> 35k exp
*Rabid Frost Hound 30k exp -> 38k exp
*Snow Wasp 35k hp -> 27k hp, 31k exp -> 36k exp
-Traveling to Diamond Island is possible now from Thais / Carlin / Venore boats.
-Players who finished Ice Crystal quest can travel directly to Nivalis from Thais boat.
-NPC Enroub.N at Nivalis boat will sail also to Thais

12.06.19 05:14:58
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