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News: Client/Game Update
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Client/Game Update

Whats new?
During this update, due to lots of changes/additions - the old client won't work anymore.
                                    Download newest client HERE
Client update :

-Every extra attribute will be shown on skills window via green font.
-Overall optimizations
-New rendering system
-Extra libraries for older machines
-Ingame shop items description has been added

Paperdoll system :
-Everyone receives special outfit for limited time. 
-While using Paperdoll outfit, every item you are wearing will be visible on your character. 
-List of "wearable" items CLICK HERE.

Aura System : 
-All kind of Aura Orbs can be forged at Blacksmith NPC in Diamond Island by using Aura Elements
-Certain full sets like Hunter Set grants unique aura arround your character
-Aura Orbs grants unique aura arround your character + extra statistics
*Skull Auraorb: +8 melee skills, +3 magic levels
*Demonic Auraorb: Dying with this Aura, reduce your death penalty (exp) by 50%
*Pyromancer Auraorb: +30% your FLAT hp/mp
*Hunter Auraorb: Protection all + 15% 
*Godly Auraorb: Loot increased by 10% + Faster Regeneration
*Ice Auraorb: You reduce paralize effect by 30% + 100 HP

Crafting system :
-Blacksmith NPC has been added in Diamond Island
-Cursed Blacksmith NPC has been added north west from Thais main gate
-Lava / Swamp / Skull fishing rods can be crafted at Cursed Blacksmith NPC
-Hellforged hammer can be crafted at Cursed Blacksmith NPC

How to obtain Aura Elements ?
1)Use special fishing rods to gain Skull, Pyromancer, Hunter Auraorb Elements
Default fishing rod requires worms as bait to catch fishes, here it works similiar but you need :
-Lava fishing - Demon Father Hands as bait
-Swamp fishing - Dragon Tails as bait //done
-Skull fishing - Undead Hydra Heads as bait
2)Use Hellforged Hammer at stones/rocks arround the map to gain Godly, Demonic, Ice Auraorb Elements


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